The C&D Academy, LLC is the premier online academy for clinical contract negotiators that provides training and education for professionals interested in becoming clinical contract managers or advancing their skills in this field. The academy typically offers courses, workshops, and other resources that cover topics such as contract law, healthcare regulations, clinical research practices, negotiation techniques, and industry trends.

Through the C&D Academy, LLC, students and business professionals can access educational materials at their own pace and convenience, from anywhere with an internet connection. They may also have the opportunity to interact with instructors and other learners in virtual classrooms or discussion forums, gaining insights and perspectives from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds.

The goal of the C&D Academy, LLC for clinical contract negotiators is to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to negotiate contracts that protect the interests of all parties involved in clinical research and healthcare.

Testimonial from Mr. Dudley, Jr.

Offering Practical Training and Strategies to Help Participants Develop their Skills Even Further

Providing Participants with the Know-ledge and Skills Needed to Effectively Navigate and Manage Clinical Contracts

Helping Clinical Contract Managers to Become More Effective Negotiators, Reduce Risks, Increase Efficiency and Achieve Better Outcomes

Hi, I’m Crystal Foushee. Nice to meet you.

I have in the industry since 2011 working my way from Global Contracts Manager all the way to US Manager of Site contracts before starting my own consulting business.

As much as I love negotiating contracts, my heart for people is even bigger. More specifically, I sympathize with those we are either brand new to the industry or starting at a new Site/CRO/Sponsor and there is absolutely no training that pertains the Contract Managers!

Recognizing this need, I founded and created the C&D Academy, LLC to offer a comprehensive solution.

Clinical research is my career, but people are my passion.